Triangle-Blue allows you to sell your solar PV system (feed in tariff) for a cash lump sum and still keep all of the free electricity you generate. With up to £15,000 paid for well performing systems, if you sell your solar you could pay for new home improvements, a wedding, education costs or an amazing holiday! It could also help if you need to move home and will miss out on your FiT payments, and we understand people’s circumstances change so you are not ‘tied in’ for 20 years.

The Solar PV system stays on your roof, you keep all the free electricity you generate, and you receive a tax-free cash sum for transferring your Feed in Tariff. To get started enter your details below and we’ll send you a free no-obligation offer. will provide a warranty for up to 20 years, offering you peace of mind with no unexpected costs for expensive replacement parts.

Sell your solar and get paid now for your investment in Solar and continue enjoying low electricity bills for decades to come!


Enter your contact details and Solar PV system information into our form and we will email you letting you know what your system is worth. Our form is quick and easy to fill in. We let you sell your solar in a matter of minutes. Our offer you receive will give you a valuation for your Solar PV Feed in Tariff in real time, based on today’s market value.

Once you’ve received your offer you can fill in some final information to finalise the agreement. This price is valid for 30 days and may be subject to a technical survey to check your system is operating as it should be. Remember, if you sell your solar to We Buy Your Solar you’ll get this amount as a cash lump sum, as well as keeping all the free electricity you generate!

When we have received all the information we require then we will send you out the finance documents to e-sign. The whole process is quick, hassle free and as soon as we have received the documents back you will receive your money within 10 working days. You receive up to £15,000 if you sell your solar to We Buy Your Solar. What a bright idea!

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How do you value my system?

Each system is individually valued taking into account generation performance to date and feed-in-tariff rate. Once you have provided these basic details about your system we send you a personal valuation. Should you accept our offer you will receive payment within 10 working days.

What about maintenance?

All of our systems will be given a full health check and it is in our interest as well as yours to make sure your system is performing at its best. We will remotely monitor your system’s performance which will alert us to any potential problems and we will address at no cost to yourself. This cover is for up to 20 years (or balance of feed-in-tariff period) and as long as we have an active agreement.

Is the payment Tax-Free?

Yes, the money you receive from is tax-free and the money will be paid straight in to your chosen bank account.

What about my energy savings?

We will never charge you for any electricity generated by the solar panels and this leaves you free to choose any energy provider that you wish (including the one you have at the moment). This means not only will you benefit from a reduced electricity bill but also you can choose the cheapest tariffs every year.



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